CT6.® Fraud Preventer

Premier software solutions to defeat cyber-enabled fraud and theft.  All-threat cybercrime prevention to protect your customers, remote workforce, & supply chain.


The Next Generation of

Fraud Loss Prevention.

Rooted in the experience of federal investigators of organized cybercrime and adversarial nation-state actors, CT6.® Fraud Preventor creates end-to-end preemptive on-premise or cloud-hosted software solutions powerful enough to alter the risk calculus of adversaries and elevate the enterprise anti-fraud ecosystem.



Detect threats using Fraud Incident Event Management (FEIM)® criminal behavioral analytics-based detection to hunt and identify targeted

data from premier all-threat intelligence sources.



Disarm cybercriminals and nation state actors through proactive data matches to preemptively mitigate events before a criminal

event occurs.



Disrupt nefarious networks or nation state actors through Indicators of Financial Compromise (IoFC)® Matching Logic that connects internal and external data sets across disparate platforms.



Defeat cybercriminals by rendering stolen or compromised data useless or continue to monitor activity for future engagement undetected.

CT6.® Fraud Preventer Benefits


Preemptive: Discover compromised customers before the criminal fraud or theft event occurs.
Automated Delivery: Results delivered without human interaction.
Private: U.S. DOJ & E.U. GDPR privacy law compliant.
Secure: No PII is exported from your network.
Invisible: Frictionless with no added burdens or processes to slow users or networks.
Ethical: Criminals do not profit in stolen data acquisitions and Fraud Preventer users do not traffic stolen data.  U.S. DOJ Compliant.
Flexible: Scalable, available as an on-premise software or cloud-hosted solution.

How it Works 



30 days

CT6.® customized Readiness Evaluation will establish an integration plan focused on four areas: Cyber Threat Intelligence Collection, Fraud Analytics, Fraud Prevention, and Compliance & Investigations.


The next 30-60 days:

Customized integration and implementation completed. Fraud Preventer is an on-premise or cloud-hosted software. CT6.® trains your experts to maximize Fraud Preventer outputs.



Fraud Preventer is up and running in-house by your team of experts. CT6.® remains available to assist for any follow-on needs.


CT6.® Fraud Preventer


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Premier software solutions to defeat cyber-enabled fraud and theft.

Protecting your customers, remote workforce, and supply chain.

CT6.® Assistive Technologies 

CT6.® Fraud Preventer can be customized with assistive technologies to fit any corporate enterprise, organization, or government entity.  CT6.® assistive technologies enable an optimum Fraud Preventer experienced based on the requirements of any environment.

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Business Intelligence

CT6.® Business Intelligence visualization tool transforms structured data into natural language descriptions to provide context and explanations of Indicators of Financial Compromise (IoFC).

Provides analysts, investigators, managers, and executives with enhanced analyses under near real-time threat conditions.

Tracks the performance of cyber threat intelligence providers, monitor specific cyber threats, screen content on dark Internet marketplaces, and track criminal activity.

Embeds into any platform such as Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, or Qlik View.   Employs Arria (www.arria.com) Natural Language Generation to enable fully automated production of plain language reporting.

Graph Link-Analysis

CT6.® Graph Link-Analysis provides powerful point and click deep-link analysis on common data attributes (e.g., phone numbers, IPs, device IDs, financial transaction information, etc.).

Graphs hidden links between points of compromise, threat actors, money mules, and other criminals.

Employs Kaseware (www.kaseware.com) for extreme configurability with limitless applications using current business structures.


Case Management

Fraud Preventer adapts to case management programs (e.g., Kaseware) to allow organizations to form efficient teams of information security specialists, fraud analysts, and investigators. Fights cybercrime through a single pane of glass.

Artificial Intelligence

Calibrate and hone fraud prevention AI programs with Fraud Preventer to reveal the ground truth of actual cyber-criminal access into remote workers, customers, or vendors.  Significantly improve the predictive ability of existing AI models.  Empower supervised machine learning algorithms to build highly tuned, threat and actor-specific fraud prevention strategies.

Real-Time Prevention

Fraud Preventer highly predictive signals improve real-time prevention programs to better identify risk.  Improve fraud prediction for identified customers, employees, and vendors/suppliers. Create highly focused and predictive threat and actor specific risk rules.

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Fraud Preventer can connect cyber to other required risk management programs (e.g., money laundering, terrorist financing, supply chain & insider threat), and export specific data to government mandated reporting [e.g., Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs)].


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